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Join The Rishabh Group

Update time : 2022-03-09

In 2019, Shanghai VA Instrument Co., Ltd. (fromer Shanghai Yihua V&A Instrument Co., Ltd.) was acquired by the Rishabh, an india headquartered multinational group with operations in Poland, the US, and the UK. Rishabh has more than 6 decades of manufacturing, designing and selling experience having sold more than 160 million instruments in over 120 countries. The merge helps Shanghai VA Instrument Co., Ltd. develop better in both R&D and market development.

Up to now, Shanghai VA Instrument Co., Ltd.has developed
-Digital Multimeters of both Manual and autorang, handheld and benchtop, classical and new high accuracy, special function and 5 in 1 functions, Extra safety CATIII and CATIV etc.
-Digital Clamp meters of leakage current AC&DC, Manual&autorange, Mini Size& Classic etc.
-Environment Instrument such as temperature&humidity meter, Anemometer, noise meter, light meter, moisture meter, pH meter, Conductivity meter, thickness meter, absolute pressure meter, thermocouple meter, infrared thermometer(with probe),indoor air quality monitor etc.
-Process Calibrator such as Volt/mA calibrator, thermocouple calibrator, RTD calibrator etc.
-Electrical Tester such as LCR meter, Pen R/C meter, Data logger, socket tester, earth resistance meter, Laser distance meter etc.
-Testing tools such as Cable tracker, cable tester, voltage tester, voltage detector, phase detector etc.
-Power Supply & accessories
The VA company will continue to develop more products to meet the market demands.

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