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Volt/mA Loop Calibrator VA700

Volt/mA Loop Calibrator is a source and measurement tool. This Volt/mA Loop Calibrator is use to measure or output 0 to 24 mA DC current loop, and 0 to 20 V DC voltage. But the calibrator cannot be used to measurement and source simultaneously.

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    Product Features:

    • Maximum voltage applied between any jack and earth ground or between any tow jack: 30V
    • Storage temperature: -40℃~60℃
    • Operating temperature: -10℃~55℃
    • Operating altitude: 3000 meters maximum
    • Temperature coefficient: ±0.005% of range per ℃ for the temperature range -10℃ to 18℃ and 28℃ to 55℃
    • Relative humidity: 95% up to 30℃,75% up to 40℃,45% up to 50℃,35% up to 55℃
    • Shock: Random 2g , 5Hz to 500Hz
    • Safety: 1 meter drop test
    • Power requirements: AAA*6
    • Size: 204mm L × 99mm W × 46mm H
    • Weight: 460g (include battery)

    Product Parameters:

    DC Voltage Input&Output 0-100.00mV/20.000V±(0.02%+3)
    DC Current Input&Output 24.000mA±(0.015%+3)
    Loop Power Output 24V±10%
    Input Impedance 2M
    Over Voltage Protection 30V
    Voltage Driver Capability 1mA
    Display Dual LCD 5 digits
    Fuse (fast acting) 125 mA/250V
    LCD Size 64×42 mm
    Product Size 205 x 97 x 45 mm
    Weight ~460g (include battery)

    The front panel is shown
    1. Loop power 24V to ground
    2. mA measurement input jack
    3. Input or output negative (ground) jack
    4. V、mV input or output jack
    5. Power switch
    6. V mV conversion key
    7. mA mA% conversion key
    8. Input/output conversion key
    9. Increase more value key
    10. Reduce more value key
    11. Increase less value key
    12. Reduce less value key
    Understanding Display Screen
    LCD screen is shown
    13. Input state indication
    14. Output state indication
    15. Indicating AUTO POWER OFF is availably
    16. Result value
    17. Indication to the calibration mode
    18. Low power indication
    19. Current mA mA% indication
    20. Voltage V mV indication
    21. Current mA indication
    22. Sub-display zone


    Delivered with the multimeter:
    Holster, a pair of Test Leads, AAA*6 battery, and user manual.
    General Maintenance
    Periodically wipe the case with a damp cloth and detergent; do not use abrasives or solvents.
    Calibrate your calibrator once a year to ensure that it performs according to its specifications.
    Replacing the Battery
    Please change the battery when the LCD indicates
    Turn off the power of the Calibrator, When you change the battery, and screw off the breechblock on the battery cabinet cover, then take off it and instead the fresh battery.
    Replacing a Fuse
    To avoid personal injury or damage to the calibrator, use only a 0.125A 250V fast fuse.
    Fuse 1 is probably blown if:
    . In the V output mode, with the test leads removed from the calibrator, the display flashes OL.
    Fuse 2 is probably blown if:
    In the mA input mode, the calibrator always reads 0.000, even with a signal applied.

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