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Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge VA8041

The ultrasonic thickness gauge has been designed to measure the material thickness that callipers can’t measure, such as boiler, pressure vessels, armor of tank, ship hulls, glass wall, tubes and so on. The ultrasonic thickness gauge can meet the standards of European Union.

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    Product Features:

    ● Measuring thickness of various good ultrasonic wave
    ● conductors as steel, aluminum, copper, glass etc.
    ● Ultrasonic wave velocity or thickness display.
    ● Manual material selection.
    ● Ultrasonic wave velocity adjustable.
    ● Thickness unit “mm” or “inch” optional.
    ● Ultrasonic wave velocity testing.
    ● Coupling state display.
    ● Shut down manually or automatically.
    ● Low battery voltage indication.
    ● Buit-in calibration metal block (4.0mm).
    ● Software calibrating to insure high reliability.
    ● The meter has been designed according to EC directive: 89/336/EEC.
    ● Ultrasonic wave frequency: 5MHz.
    ● Digital display: 4 digitals.
    ● Measurement range: 1.2mm~220mm (steel).
    ● Tubes measurement: minimum dia. 20mm*3mm.
    ● Ultrasonic wave velocity: 1000~9999 M/ S.
    ● Resolution: 0.1mm.
    ● Accuracy: ±(1%H+0.1mm).
    ● Measurement rate: 0.6 second.
    ● Power supply: 7# alkaline cell , 1.5V*3 .
    ● Operating temperature: -10 ~ +50℃.
    ● Storage temperature: -40 ~ +70℃,-40 ~+158℉.

    Product Parameters:

    Ultrasonic frequency 5MHz
    Digital display 4 digits
    Measurement Range 1.2mm~225mm(steel)
    Pipe measures minimum dia. 20*3mm(steel)
    Velocity Range 1000~9999 m/s
    Resolution 0.1mm
    Accuracy ±(1%H+0.1mm)
    Response time 0.5S
    Operating temperature 0~40℃
    Operating humidity 10 to 90%RH


    probe, coupling paste, operating manual, batteries.

    General Maintenance:

    1. For rough surface, don’t press the probe when turning it or slipping it , to protect the probe.
    2. When battery voltage is too low to work, a battery symbol appears on the screen. It reminds you to change new batteries.
    3. When you do not use the meter for a long time, please take out batteries to avoid damaging the meter by electrolyte.
    4. Don’t store the meter in a high temperature or wet place.
    5. After power off, to turn power on again, wait for two seconds.

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