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Thermocouple Thermometer MS6501

Thermocouple thermometers are commonly used in laboratories to swiftly measure temperature. They do it by using an electrical resistance that provides a voltage that fluctuates depending on the temperature of the connection. Thermocouple thermometer measures temperature in the range of -50 to 700 celsius degree.

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    Product Features:

    • Can match any standard type K sensor.
    • Fitted with standard K probe socket.
    • LCD display allows clear read out even at bright places.
    • LCD display provides low power consumption.
    • LSI-circuit use provides high reliability and durability.
    • High accuracy and wide measurement range.
    • Compact, lightweight, and excellent operation.
    • Circuit used high quality multi turns VR for keeping high accuracy and reliability.

    Product Parameters:

    MS6500 MS6501
    Resolution 1℃, 1℉  0.1℃, 1℉
    Centigrade  -50~-40℃(±6℃),  -50~-40℃(±6℃),
     -39 ~ -20℃(±5℃),  -39 ~ -20℃(±3℃),
      -19 ~0℃(±3℃),  -19 ~0℃(±2℃),
    0~500℃(±0.75%), 0~100℃(±1℃),
    500 ~ 700℃(±1%) 100~120℃(±3℃),
    Fahrenheit  -58~-4℉(±7℉),  -58~-4℉(±8℉),
     -3 ~ 32℉(±4℉),  -3 ~ 32℉(±4℉),
    32~932℉(±2%), 32~212℉(±2%),
    933~1382℉(±1%) 213~302℉(±4℉)
    Display 1999 1999
    Input K type thermocople K type thermocople
    Data hold
    Power 9V(6F22)x1 9V(6F22)x1
    Size 125.2x72x27mm 125.2x72x27mm
    Weight Approx.145g(Including battery) Approx.145g(Including battery)
    Accessory Thermocouple VA3408 Thermocouple VA3408

    Application and After-Sales Service:

    Thermometers are widely used in technology and industry to monitor processes, in meteorology, in medicine, and in scientific research.


    TP-01 Thermocouple Probe with plug, Instruction manual, carrying case

    General Maintenance

    To keep the instrument clean, wipe the case with a dry cloth and detergent, do not use abrasives or solvents.
    Any adjustment maintenance and repair shall be by a skilled person about temperature technology.
    To maintain a thermocouple in good condition, shall observe the following items.
    – Avoid excess bending.
    – Don’t overheat the thermocouple.
    – Avoid chemical reactions that can damage the thermocouple.

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