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Temperature & Humidity Meter With Dew Point VA8010

Temperature and humidity are two very import factors to measure comfort level and indoor air quality.
This environmental meter is a temperature and humidity measuring instrument. Ligthweight and easy to hold, this model VA8010 is the perfect tool used to measure the humidity and temperature in offices, storerooms, buildings and greenhouses.

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    Product Features:

    •  Display: 4 digits LCD Display
    •  Parameters: ℃, ℉, %RH(relative humidity), td(dew point temperature)
    •  Resolution: 0.1℃, 0.1℉, 0.1%RH
    • Range: -10 ~ +50℃, +14 ~ +122℉, 0 ~ +100%RH
    • Accuracy:
      Temperature: ±1.0℃, ±1.8℉,
    • Sample rate: 1 time /sec
    • auto power off: about 20 minutes
    • Operating environment: -10 ~ +50℃, +14 ~ +122℉
    • Storage environment: -20 ~ +60℃, -4 ~ +140℉
    • Dimension and Weight: 121(L)x60(W)x30(H)mm, about 180g

    Product Parameters:

    ℃,℉,%RH(relative humidity),
    td (dew point temperature)
    Measuring Range  -10~+50℃,+14~+122℉,
    Accuracy ±1.0℃,±1.8%℉,±3%RH (5~95%RH)


    Sample Rate 1 time sec
    Display 4 digits LCD Display
    Data Hold
    Dew point temperature
    Auto Power Off About 20min
    Power Supply 1.5V  x 3 (AAA) Battery
    Dimension 121 x 60 x 30mm
    Weight 180 g

    Function keys

    1. ON/OFF key
    Press the key to turn the power ON and press the key once more >2sec. to turn the power OFF.
    2. Mode key
    Press the key can select the state of MAX、MIN.
    LCD will display the max/min values since the instrument was last switched on or last reset.
    3. Unit key
    Press the key can change the parameter unit.
    Adjustable units: %RH/℃,td/℃,%RH/℉,td/℉.
    4. key
    Press the key, aicon will display on the LCD and the readout held in. Press the key once more to cancel the hold function.
    Press thekey >2sec. the back light will be turned on, and the icon will display on the LCD. Press the key once >2sec. the light will be turned off, and the icon will disappeared.
    5. Auto power off setting
    When the meter is powered on, it is under auto power off mode. The meter will power itself off after 20 minutes if no key operation.
    Cancelled auto power off function: press Hold key when power on until the LCD display AP OFF, then press the Hold key again to confirm the setting.


    DC1.5V (AAA) x 3pcs
    String x 1pcs
    Users manual x 1pcs

    General Maintenance:

    Do not measure at a high temperature places.
    When not using the instrument for a long time, please remove the battery and avoid storing in high temperature and high humidity.


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