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Sound Level Meter VA8080

The Sound Level Meter has been designed to measure sound level for various environments. The Sound Level Meter is used to detect noise, music level or sound engineering
Please use it according to the following usage Environment conditions:
● Altitude: less than 2000 meters.
● Relatively humidity 80% max
● Operation temperature 0~40℃

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    ● The meter has been designed according to the IEC651 Type 2, ANSI S1.4 Type 2.
    ● Response frequency: 31.5Hz—8kHz.
    ● Accuracy: 30~60dB ±3 dB; 60~120dB ±2 dB.
    ● Resolution: 0.1 dB.
    ● Measurement range: 30—60dB, 50—80dB, 70—100dB, 90—120dB.
    ● Digital display: 4 digitals.
    ● Frequency weighting: A Type.
    ● Response time: Analog bar 125ms Digital 750ms.
    ● Microphone: Electret Condenser microphone.
    ● Power supply: DC1.5V(AAA)*3 .
    ● Operating temperature: 0 ~ +40℃.
    ● Operating humidity: 10 ~ 80%RH.
    ● Storage temperature:  -10 ~ +60℃.
    ● Storage humidity : 10 to 70%RH.
    ● Dimensions:  156(L)×60(W)×32(H) mm.
    ● Weight: Approx 150 g (including battery).

    Product Features:

    ● automatic ranging / manual ranging selection.
    ● Analog bar indicator.
    ● Frequency weighting A Type.
    ● Range display.
    ● Automatic shutdown / continuous working mode selection.
    ● Low battery voltage indication.
    ● Sound OVER or UNDER display.
    ● Software calibrating to insure high reliability.
    ● Good circuit designed to save power.

    Product Parameters:

    Range 0~60 dB
    50~80 dB
    70~100 dB
    90~120 dB
    Accuracy 1.5dB (under 94dB)
    Frequency 31.5Hz~8KHz
    Frequency Weighing A
    Resolution  0.1dB
    Analog bar: 0.25 s
    Digital: 0.75 s
    Operating temperature 0~40℃
    Operating humidity 10% ~ 90%RH
    Digital display 4 digits
    Power DC1.5V(AAA)*3
    Size 156×60×32  mm
    Weight ~150g (including battery)

    Application and After-Sales Service:

    Do not use the meter in a high temperature or wet place.
    When you do not use for a long time, please take out batteries to avoid damaging the meter by electrolyte.
    Auto-range measuring (30-120dB) is unfit for measuring instantaneous and impactive noise.
    To measure sound level in a windy environment, please put windscreen on the microphone to avoid noise from wind.
    If battery symbol is on the screen, it indicates voltage is low and must replace battery. Suggest you to use alkaline battery.
    Do not measure when meter is vibrant.
    After power off, to turn power on again, wait for two seconds.


    DC1.5V (AAA) x 3pcs
    String x 1pcs
    Plastic box x 1pcs
    Users manual x 1pcs
    Windscreen x 1pcs
    Name of parts:
    1. Windscreen
    2. Sound level sensor
    3. LCD display
    4. Function key

    General Maintenance:

    Do not clear the meter using alcohol and impregnant. if you do not use it for a long time, please take out the battery and place the instrument in a dry surrounding.

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