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pH Meter VA1020/VA1020B/VA1021/VA1021B

The device is a general purpose hand held pH meter offering a 3 point calibration and automatic temperature compensation(ATC). The custom liquid crystal display simultaneously shows temperature compensated pH readings and the liquid temperature. The pH meter is easy to carry like a pen, and with a penclip. A backlight function can help you work at dark place. AAA type battery can extend the battery life upto 500hours. An automatic switch off facility helps to conserve battery life.*Bluetooth connection can help you log and analyze the measure data.

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    Product Features:

    • Auto 3 adjustable points calibration (PH4.0, PH6.8, PH9.1)
    • Automatic temperature compensation (℃ and F)
    • High-low level display
    • LCD Display with back light
    • IP65 water proof & pen clip
    • Replacement Sensor

    Product Parameters:

    VA1020 VA1020B VA1021 VA1021B
    Range 0.0~14.0 pH
    Temperature 0~50℃
    Accuracy 0.1pH/0.5℃ 0.02pH/0.5℃
    Sensor Internal External
    Power 3V(1.5V*2pcs AAA) up to 500hr
    Weight 100g

    Application and After-Sales Service:

    PH Range: 0 to 14.00pH
    Resolution/Accuracy: 0.01pH / ±0.1pH
    Temperature Range: 0 to 70°C / 32 to 212°F (ATC auto temperature compensation)
    ATC parameter adjustable: 0.0000~0.0999/°CΔpH (default 0.0033)
    Resolution: 0.1°C / 0.1°F
    Calibration point: 3 point
    Calibration point adjustable:
    First point 1.00~5.99pH, default 4.01pH
    Second point6.00~7.99pH, default6.86pH
    Third point8.00~13.00pH,default 9.18pH
    Power: AAA battery 2pcs
    External Probe:BNC connector(DEPEND NMODEL)
    Battery Life:500 hours typical (@ 25°C with alkaline AAA battery)
    Ingress Protection: IP65
    Size: 153(l)x40(w)x38(d)mm


    operating manual, batteries.

    General Maintenance:

    *Please always keep the ph glass bulb caped for protecting when storing.
    *Always rinse the ph electrode in KCL solution before use, or long term storage.
    *Never touch or rub glass bulb for it may reduce the life of the electrode.
    *If the electrode slope is off or the electrode response has become sluggish or inaccurate, change the fill solution. If that does not improve the response then the pH sensing glass and the junction have probably become coated with some of the samples being tested.

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