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Multi-Function LCR Meter VA520

This multi-function LCR meter is a portable instrument designed with microprocessor control and low power consumption. It can measure 6 basic parameters: inductance L, capacitance C, AC resistance R, DC resistance DCR, dissipation factor D and quality factor Q. The multi-function LCR meter can easily communicate with PC and realize remote control through USB interface.
With battery external power supply, the multi-function LCR meter is ideal for field and portable applications, such as component inspection at fixed place, and immediate measurement by buyer and maintenance personnel.

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    Product Features:

    • 19,999/1,999 counts dual LCD display
    • Basic accuracy: 0.3% with resolution of 0.01%
    • Analog bar display
    • Measurement frequency up to 100KHz
    • Mini-USB interface (USB model only)
    • AutoLCR smart check and measurement
    • Sorting function
    • Relative measurement
    • Data hold
    • Back light, full angle for LCD display
    • 4-terminal measurement configuration
    • Automatic power off
    • Battery and external power supply
    • Battery voltage indication

    Product Parameters:

    Parameter Primary DCR:DC resistance
    Ls/Cs:series inductance/capacitance
    Lp/Cp:parallel inductance/capacitance
    Secondary θ:phase angle  D:dissipation factor

    ESR:equivalent series resistance

    Q:quality factor

    Rp:equivalent parallel resistance

    Frequency 100/120/1K/10K/100KHz
    Display Dual display + analog bar display
    Measurement range L 100/120 20mH~20KH
    1KHz 2000uH~2000H
    10K 200uH~20H
    100KHz 20uH~200mH
    C 100/120 20nF~20mF
    1KHz 2000pF~2mF
    10K 200pF~200uF
    100KHz 200pF~20uF
    R 100/120 200W~200MW
    1KHz 20W~200MW
    10K 20W~20MW
    100KHz 20W~2MW
    DCR 200~200M
    D/Q 0.001~1999
    θ 0.00°~±180.0°
     Test level 0.6Vrms
    Range mode Auto and Hold
    Equivalent Circuit Parallel and Series
    Calibration function Open/Short
    Interface Mini-USB
    Measurement speed Approx.1.2 times/second
    Measurement terminal  4-terminal
    Basic accuracy 0.3%
    Power AAA*6 battery or external power supply
    Auto power off 5 min(with batteries)
    Operating environment temperature 0℃~40℃
    humidity ≤90%RH (40℃, no condensation)
    Storage temperature -25℃~50℃

    Impedance accuracy Ae
    The below-listed accuracies are guaranteed by the meter with normal use under the operating temperature of 18℃-28℃ and relative humidity less than 80%.



    0.1- 1Ω 1 – 10Ω 10 – 100kΩ 100k – 1MΩ 1M – 20ΜΩ 20Μ− 200MΩ Remark
    DCR 1.0%+5d 0.5%+3d 0.3%+2d 0.5%+3d 1.0%+5d 2.0%+5d D < 0.1


    1.0%+5d 0.5%+3d 0.3%+2d 0.5%+3d 1.0%+5d 2.0%+5d
    1kHz 1.0%+5d 0.5%+3d 0.3%+2d 0.5%+3d 1.0%+5d 5.0%+5d
    10kHz 1.0%+5d 0.5%+3d 0.3%+2d 0.5%+3d 2.0%+5d N/A
    100kHz 2.0%+5d 1.0%+5d 0.5%+3d 1.0%+5d 2.0%+5d (1M – 2MΩ)

    Note: All accuracy is guaranteed by proper ratio resistor calibration and open/short calibration.
    If D > 0.1, the accuracy should be multiplied by

    ZC = if D << 0.1 in capacitance mode

    ZL = 2πf L  if D << 0.1 in inductance mode

    Sub-display parameters accuracy:

    Ae = impedance (Z) accuracy

    Definition: Q =

    Rp = ESR (or Rs)× (1+)

    1.D value accuracy:De = ±Ae × (1+D)
    2.ESR accuracy:Re= ±ZM × Ae (Ω)

    ie., ZM = impedance calculated by or 2πf L

    3.Phase angle θ accuracy:θe= ±(180/π) × Ae (deg)

    Note: D: dissipation factor
    Q: quality factor
    ESR: equivalent series resistance
    Rp: equivalent series parallel resistance
    θ:  phase angle

    Application and After-Sales Service:

    With battery external power supply, the meter is ideal for field and portable applications, such as component inspection at fixed place, and immediate measurement by buyer and maintenance personnel.


    User’s manual One piece
    AAA batteries Six pieces
    Shielding clip line One piece
    Kelvin 4-terminal measure line One piece
    Short socket One piece
    USB line (USB model only) One piece
    PC-Link software CD (USB model only) One piece
    General Maintenance
    Periodically wipe the case with a damp cloth and detergent; do not use abrasives or solvents.
    Calibrate your instrument once a year to ensure that it performs according to its specifications.
    Replacing the Battery
    Please change the battery when the battery symbol is less than one segment.
    Turn off the power of the instrument. When you change the battery, and screw off the breechblock on the battery cabinet cover, then take off it and instead the fresh battery.

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