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Moisture Meter VA8040

The Moisture meter has been designed to measure the material moisture, air temperature. The Moisture meter is commonly used to measure the moisture contents in wood and building materials, and the air temperature.
This meter is designed to measure & display both moisture and temperature simultaneously. It can quickly measure 7 different materials including hardwoods, softwoods, cement mortars, lime mortars, and bricks and other building materials. It offers both Auto Range and Manual Material Selection.

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    Product Features:

    ● Material humidity / Air temperature measurement
    ● Manual material selection
    ● Automatic range
    ● Celsius/Fahrenheit selection
    ● LCD backlight
    ● Automatic shutdown / Continuous working mode
    ● Low battery voltage indication.
    ● Software calibrating to insure high reliability
    ● Good circuit designed to save power.

    Product Parameters:

     VA8040 (for Building Material)
    Measurement Range 0.0%~95.7%,-10~+50℃
    Accuracy Conducivity measurement:±2% Temperature:±1℃
    Resolution 0.1%, 0.1℃, 0.1℉
    Display 3 digits, double display
    Features Ideal for total 7 building materials:
     Hard wood 8.9~95.7%
     Soft wood 7.1~80.0%
     Cement 1.0~2.5%
     Anhydrite plane 0.0~3.3%
     Cement mortar 0.7~3.8%
     Lime mortar 0.58~7.4%
     (Bricks)  0.0~23.4%
    Power supply 3×1.5V AAA battery
    Dimension 121 x 60 x 30 mm
    Weight ~180g (including battery)

    Please use it according to the following condition.
    Environment conditions:
    ● Protection class: IP20.
    ● Ambient temperature: -10~ +50℃、+14~ +122℉
    ● Storage and transport temperature: -40~+70℃


    Operating manual, Batteries.

    General Maintenance:

    Do not clear the meter using alcohol and impregnant. If you do not use it for a long time, please take out the batteries and place the instrument in a dry surrounding.

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