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Data Logger VA600/VA601/VA602

The Data logger is multifunction measurement data logger (such as temperature, humidity, AC/DC current,
AC/DC voltage). It can use difference standard sensor for temperature measurement like Thermocouple and RTD. Data Logger have two measurement modes, one is the online mode and logger mode.
Online Mode: you can use the USB to connect the computer with the Data Logger, according the software interface you can get the real-time measurement data and the wave curve online.
Logger Mode: the software interface can set difference log operation after offline state. If the configuration is complete, it can be measured for offline state, and can keep 16,000 record data each 2 log bank in build-in memory without battery. After completing the
measurement, you can connect to computer read the data on the software interface, also can get the curve and graph.

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    Product Features:

    • DC current measurement
    • AC current measurement
    • DC voltage measurement
    • AC voltage measurement
    • Using the built-in humidity sensor to measure humidity
    • Using the built-in NTC sensor to measure temperature
    • Using the external channel PT100 or PT1000 sensor to measure temperature
    • Using the external channel thermocouple J-type or K-type sensor to measure temperature
    • Composite indicator
    • Altitude: <2000 m.
    • Environment temperature and humidity: -40 ~ 70℃, -40℉ ~ 158 ℉ (>80% RH, <0 ℃ without consideration).
    • Storage temperature and humidity: -40~80℃, 40℉~176℉(<70% RH, removing its batteries).
    • Temperature Coefficient: 0.1  accuracy / ℃ (<18 ℃, or> 28 ℃).
    • Sample interval: 5sec~24hour.
    • Record number: 16000 points x 2 log bank.
    • IP level: IP65 (except NH type IP40)
    • Display:  LCD display.
    • Battery low indication: LCD indicate
    • External Power supply: DC 5V Mini-USB plug.
    • Battery type:ER14250 Lithium-thionyl Chloride Battery 1/2AA 3.6V 1200mAh.
    • Battery life: 1000days at standby state.
    • Dimensions:74(L)113(W)31(H) mm.
    • Weight: 150g(with battery)
    • Fuse: 100mA fast fuse only DC mA type (R1 on PCB)
    • Cable: Mini-USB cable,1meter

    Product Parameters:

    Data Logger
    Parameter Basic






    Type Sensor
    Build-in function N Build-in NTC
    NH Build-in NTC  ●
    Build-in RH%
    voltage V1 V DC ○○
    V2 V AC ○○
    Current A1 mA DC ○○
    A2 A AC ○○
    Thermocouple TK K TYPE ○○
    TJ J TYPE ○○
    PTC R1 PT100 ○○
    R2 PT1000 ○○
    ○: Can be choose           ●: Must be choose

    Model record sheet corresponding to those  measurements function and specifications of the corresponding

    Specifications VA600-NH VA601 VA602
    Measurement Range  -40℃~70℃ / 0.0~99.9% see “External Channel Selection”
    Accuracy ±0.5℃/±4.0%RH see “External Channel Selection”
    Sensor Type Internal External 2 x External
    Resolution Temperature 0.1℃ 0.1℃ 0.1℃
    Humudity 0.10%  /  /
    Data Storage Up to 16000 data records
    Max./Min. Display
    Alarm function
    Software English/Chinese/French/German/Spanish/Italian
    Record Interval 5 s to 24 hour
    USB Port to PC record data and generate cure, export file with TXT/Excel
    Low power indication
    Real-time clock RTC
    Auto dormancy/wake up
    LCD Display 43×33(mm)
    Power supply 3.6V Li-Battery (ER14250)
    Dimension 113 x 74 x 32 mm
    Weight 150 g
    Housing IP40 IP65 IP65
    Accessories PC software,USB Cable,Li-Battery
    External Channel Selection
    Model TK TJ R1 R2 A1 A2 V1 V2
    Measure range  -200~800℃  -200~800℃  -200~850℃  -200~850℃ -24-24mA 0-600A -50-50V 0-400V
    Accuracy ±1.2℃ ±1.2℃ ±(0.5%+0.5℃) ±(0.5%+0.5℃) ±0.05mA ±2.5% ±0.02V ±1.0V
    Sensor type External K type External J type External PT100 External PT1000 External mADC External AAC External VDC External VAC


    Application and After-Sales Service:
    The temperature & humudity data logger is widely used in cold-chain transportation field, HVAC refrigerator field, electrical industry, medical industry as well as laboratory fields.


    (1) Instrument manual 1 piece
    (2) Lithium-thionyl Chloride Battery inside 1 piece
    (3) PC-LINK software CD 1 piece
    (4) Mini-USB data cable 1 piece
    (5) External channel sensor or accessories are shown following:

    General Maintenance:

    To avoid electrical shock or damage to the Data Logger, not wet the internal meter.

    Please remove all the cable before open the case.

    Regular cleaning with a damp cloth and a small amount of detergent instrument case, do not use abrasives or chemical solvents.

    If dirty or wet input socket may affect the readings.

    Replace the battery

    To avoid false readings caused by electric shock or personal injury, instrument displays, “” symbol, should be replace the battery immediately.

    Please remove all the cable before open the case.

    Follow these steps to replace the battery:
    Remove all the connection from the input jack.
    Remove the screws on the case, and open the case.
    Replace with new ER14250 battery.
    Loaded on cover and lock the screws.

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