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Absolute Pressure Meter VA8070

This meter is an absolute pressure measuring instrument. It is normally used to measure absolute pressure,e.g. for pressure compensation in velocity measurement in ducts, laboratories and production processes. Barometric measurements and height measurements between two points are also possible.

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    Product Features:

    • Display: 6 digits LCD Display
    • Parameters(absolute/barometric):Pa, hPa, mbar, mmH2O, mmHg,inHG, inH2O, psi
    • Resolution: 0.1 hPa, 0.1 inH2O
    • Range: 300…1,200 hPa, 120.4…481.8inH2O
    • Accuracy: ±6.0hPa, ±2.4 inH2O @20 ℃, Humidity<80%
    •  Sample rate: 1 time /sec
    •  auto power off: about 20 minutes
    • low battery indicator
    • Operating environment: 0℃ ~ 50 ℃(32℉~122℉),0 ~ 80%RH
    • Storage environment: -20℃ ~ 60℃(-4℉~140℉),0 ~ 80%RH
    • Dimension and Weight: 121(L)x60(W)x30(H)mm, about 180g

    Product Parameters:

    Range 300…1,200 hpa,120.4…481.8 inH2O
    Resolution 0.1 hPa, 0.1 inH2O
    Accuracy ±3.0hpa,±1.2 inH2O (Basic conditions 18.0~28.0℃,Humidity<80%)
    Sample rate 1 time/sec
    Operating environment 0~50℃(32~122℉), 0~80%RH
    Storage environment  -20~60℃(-4~140℉), 0~80%RH
    Auto power off about 20 minutes
    LCD Display 6 digits
    Data Hold
    AVG Fuction
    Low battery indicator
    Size 121x60x30 mm
    Weight ~180g (including battery)

    Application and After-Sales Service:

    1.This product is only applicable to measure the majority of non-corrosive gases and air-drying medium.
    2. If the OL symbol will show on the LCD, it means the readings is outside the measuring range. Please keep to the permitted measuring range.
    3.To measure the barometric pressure, the height above mean sea level must be set correctly.To measure the height between two points, the height above mean sea level at the starting point must be known and set correctly.
    4. Never store the product together with solvents, acides or other aggressive substances.
    5. When the battery voltage is under proper operation requirement, the symbol will show on the LCD and the battery need to be replaced with new.


    DC1.5V (AAA) x 3pcs
    String x 1pcs
    Plastic box x 1pcs
    Users manual x 1pcs
    Name of parts:
    1. Sensor cover
    2. Absolute pressure
    sensor nipple connection
    3. LCD display
    4. Function key

    General Maintenance :

    Do not measure at a high temperature places.
    When not using the instrument for a long time, please remove the battery and avoid storing in high temperature and high humidity.

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