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63000 Counts True RMS Bench Type Digital Multimeter With dBm/USB/Peak Function VA801


The VA800/VA801 Series is a new generation of reliable, cost effective, full capabilities benchtop digital multimeters. With measuring DCV, ACV, DCA, ACA,Resistance (2&4 Wire),Capacitance, Diode Test, Frequency and Temperature.
The benchtop digital multimeter is not only designed for simple and efficient bench top use, but also includes providing a variety of auxiliary functions, communication interfaces, sotiware options for data logging and remote programming to help meet the needs of test and measurement applications in process testing, teaching experiments and inspection occasions.
This series benchtop digital multimeter can fit any DMM application with speed, accuracy, reliability, and efficiency well beyond its price.

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    Product Features:

    • 63000 counts measurement
    • ACV and DCV measurements reach up to 1000V.
    • DC measurement accuracy reaches up to 0.03%.
    • 0.01 Ω resistance resolution and 1μV voltage resolution.
    • Linear frequency measurement, logic frequency/duty ratio measurement.
    • Capacitance measurement from 0.0001nF to 60mF.
    • AC/DC true RMS measurement.
    • Maximum value/minimum value measurement, relative value measurement.
    • VFD double display function
    • All operations by buttons
    • Data logger saves data to Internal E2prom, USB-Disk or SD-Card.
    • RS-232C, USB, Bluetooth, LAN communication interface can be choose.
    • Display, record and graphics software of computer.
    • Overload protection.

    Product Parameters:

    DC Voltage 600.00mV/6.0000V/60.000V/600.00V/1000.0V±(0.02%)
    AC Voltage 600.00mV/6.0000V/60.000V/600.00V/1000.0V±(0.8%)
    DC Current 60.000μA/600.00μA/60.000mA/600.00mA/10.000A±(0.2%)
    AC Current 60.000μA/600.00μA/60.000mA/600.00mA/10.000A±(0.75%)
    Frequency 10.000Hz~6.0000MHz±(0.01%)
    Thermocouple Temperature  -200.0~1200.0℃ K/J/T/E/R/S/B/N
    RTD Temperature  -200.0~600.0℃ PT100/PT500/PT1000/Cu50/Ni120
    Memory 16000 point internal/USB disk or SD card external
    Size  350x240x100 mm
    Weight 2500 g

    Application and After-Sales Service:

    With Functions of Voltage measurement, Current measurement, Resistance measurement, Capacitance measurement ,Diode test,Continuity test, Maximum Minimum Value Measurement, Linear Frequency Measurement , Relative Value Measurement and Connected to Interface Of Computer, this digital multimeter is ideal for use in the fields, workshop, school, hobby and home applications.

    General Maintenance:

    Periodically wipe the case with a damp cloth and mild detergent. Do not use abrasives or solvents.
    Dirt or moisture in the terminals can affect readings.
    To clean the terminals:
    ∞Turn the meter off and remove all test leads.
    ∞Shake out any dirt that may be in the terminals.
    ∞Soak a new swab with a cleaning and oiling agent (such as WD-40).
    ∞Work the swab around in each terminal. The oiling agent insulates the terminals from moisture-related contamination.
    To avoid electrical shock or damage to the meter, do not get water inside the case. Remove the test leads and any input signals before opening the case

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